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Octave Management Group seeks young professionals to carry the vision of the company. Inquire within at

Our Team

Jason Tadeo

A visionary manager who strives for employee empowerment. Octave Management Group is Jason Tadeo's second business after the successful launch of Tadori Events. He is a Business Management & Financial Investments graduate from California State University of Long Beach. Tadeo has participated in numerous clubs and non-profit organizations; ie. The Burmese Cyclone Relief Fund, AMA, Kiwanis International, SAM and ABSOC. He serves on the Board of Directors for Tadori Gives, The Fleur De Lis Society and Incognito. He serves as a private consultant for numerous businesses and is a member of Comptroller Society. Tadeo takes pride in community affairs and is an active member within the Filipino community within the South Bay Area.

Jason Tadeo is known for his hard work, professionalism and ethical background. He is an active contributor to and prides himself on knowing the best places to get a cheap cup of coffee. Jason Tadeo leads a diverse and talented group of individuals in Octave Management Group. He is blessed to have the opportunity to work with various artists and looks forward to a wonderful 2009.

Tim Vinzon

Co Owner and Artist Manager for Octave Management Group, Vinzon is a visionary within the Music Industry. Beginning as a disc jockey in 1992, Vinzon created three businesses by the age of 26. He has managed over one hundred staffers and contractors within his businesses.

Octave Management Group is honored to have Tim Vinzon in its Board of Directors. He brings his personal experience and insight into the company.

Sandar Aung

Rex De Leon

Business specialist and development guru. De Leon graduated from California State University of Long Beach with a double major in Marketing and Business Management.

De Leon enjoys the island lifestyle. He frequents Octave Management Group in Waikiki and manages OMG's intra business development. In his past time, Rex De Leon enjoys friends and family with a good glass of white.

Dan Huyuh

As the Senior Marketing Director here at Octave Management Group, We have a serious side of doing business, but we are driven by energy, youth, and the willingness to succeed the artist management industry. We look forward to learning new tactics with other marketing firms as well as sharing our knowledge and what we have to offer here at Octave Management Group.

Lori Piedad

Lori Piedad performs at the top of her game. When Octave Management Group began organizing, Piedad was on the directors list of priorities. After working the club and event scene within Hollywood, Piedad focused her artistic skills within the Design Division of Octave Management Group. She attends the Art Institute of Los Angeles and is regarded as the top performer in her class.

Octave Management Group is honored to have Lori Piedad as the Director of Design. Her eye for art is unsurpassed.

Angela Perez

  • Promotions Director

Witty and energetic, Angela is the key to Octave Management Group's successful artist show case. She directs OMG's official street team. Getting the word out through guerilla marketing and good old fashion soliciting, Angela gets the job done.

Octave Management Group is proud to have a bright, young and talented individual as Angela in our team!

Eugene Recto

  • Manager

Striving for excellence and determined to make a mark in the entertainment industry, Recto has dedicated his life to the pursuit of art. He graduated from UCI in Anthropology and Digital Arts. For the past three years, Recto has built a business around the hip hop community creating his own fashion line called Sick Star Clothing. In the process of designing and building a business, this young professional has sponsored such artists as DJ Casanova, DJ Chuck Fader, 51 Fifty, and Josh Vietti.

Eugene Recto is inspired by the hip-hop movement, 90's R&B, and old school rap. He has a passion for designing, dancing and traveling. Octave Management Group is honored to have this Orange County native in their team and look forward to future endeavors.

Edward Eusebio

As eclectic as his music. Edward Eusebio listens to a all music, without precepts or boundaries. He can listen to as much as 5 albums a week and the songs on my ipod are as best described by a friend as eclectic. Keeping up with trends, Eusebio watches many television shows and movies. He has been following up on more than a dozen shows up to their current episode and whatever movies he has the time to view. On his spare time, Eusebio is a casual gamer who plays a few games with his Wii, checking the news and weather.

His cinematographic work is known as imaginative and raw.

William Sweeney

  • Website Administrator

Computer Engineer and Information Technology Director for Octave Management Group. Sweeney graduated from California State University of Long Beach. His skills bring Octave Management Group into the 21st century. Using technology with personal skills, Sweeney bridges the gap between managers and artists through dialogue and internet communication.

Sweeney is an avid jazz listener. His past time consists of video games, computer processing and action movies.

Tina Tang

  • Junior Designer

Tina Tang is a fun-loving, tree-hugging humanitarian that loves to explore the world and all of its oddities...from taking a long drive on a road trip, traveling abroad [especially to Europe!], or simply enjoying the moment of sunrise at Skyline, it's those "Kodak moments" that she strives for in life. She prides herself on her ability to help others and currently works at Long Beach Community Action Partnership (LBCAP), a non-profit organization geared to help fight poverty in our community. Here, she organizes food and clothing drives and energy-efficiency programs for low-income families, hoping to help improve the economy AND the Earth in the long-run.

Working for Octave Management Group as junior designer has rekindled her passion for all aspects of web and graphic design. For 2009 and the years ahead, Tina looks forward to working with a group of talented artists and individuals within this industry and applying her passion for design to the efforts of the company.

Timothy Bui

A gifted photographer and artist, Bui has surpassed many of his colleagues within the field. He began his photography career as a free lance photographer for various automotive magazines. His passion for import cars brought him into the Leisure and Lifestyle division within Octave Management Group. He is the a visionary artist and pushes the boundaries in the Hollywood scene.

Although Bui is a native Southern Californian, his secondary home is Las Vegas. His personality reflects his passion for cars, fast and loud. He enjoys the challenge of a shoot and live performances.

Jennifer Ma

  • Event Coordinator

A student at the University of California Riverside, Jennifer Ma is studying in Political Science, Business Management and Sociology, with plans to pursue a Masters in Entertainment Law. Ma is Octave Management Group's public relation representative and Event Coordinator.

Ma enjoys the thrill of sport events, automobile mechanics, and networking. She aspires to be a lawyer in the entertainment business or the corporate sector.

Nellie Quitangon