Spay and Neuter: AALOC offers vouchers for the spay or neuter of pets to low income/disabled/homeless pet owners. AALOC also helps with the spay/neuter of feral cats. These are essentially 'wild' cats. They are trapped, taken to the clinic and several days after the surgery are released back to their colony. This keeps the cat population in check and is the most humane way to deal with this issue. Click for more INFO

Pet Aid: Low income or homeless pet owners frequently contact AAL for help with their pets. Many times it is for bags of dog or cat food. Sometimes it is a desperate plea for help with emergency veterinary services which can be very expensive. Although we cannot pay an entire bill, we will help with fundraising and offer suggestions to find additional money from other resources. Click for more INFO

Humane Education: At every possible opportunity, AALOC does what it can to educate the public regarding animal welfare and how to keep pets safe. As an example, during the 4th of July holiday, hundreds of flyers are posted at firework stands or distributed to vet offices, groomers or other businesses that cater to pets. Click for more INFO

Helpline: 24 Hour Phone Line 714 891 PETS (7387)
The Animal Assistance League Helpline is a free telephone pet helpline. The helpline takes lost and found reports and advises owners of the necessary steps that will help them locate their lost pets. The helpline answers pet related questions and offers veterinary referrals for low-cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, and vet care.Click for more INFO

Shelter Aid: Many animals that end up in county shelters are never offered up for adoption, because of a broken leg injury, or demodex mange which are easily curable. A rescue group is sometimes their only chance at survival, Many times these groups need help to pay for veterinary care. If AALOC has sufficient funding, a pledge will be made to the group if they have agreed to rescue one of these cats or dogs. Click for more INFO

Low Cost Microchips: The AVID Microchip contains a personal one-of-a-kind identification number and is a safe and effective way to identify a lost pet. Working with local clinics, the cost to microchip a pet is $45, which includes AVID microchip placement by a veterinarian and AVID registration to the owner. This is a great price, as the combination of these items will typically cost twice as much. Click for more INFO